Immediate help


You don’t like to wait for your system operator?

We won’t make you wait; we know that even a minor distances can be turn out to be a major one in a big city. No system operator can add value to your business while sitting in a car in a traffic jam. 

That is why the IT-Assistant service is based on remote access via broadband Internet.

The Internet is now one of our main public utilities. It’s not the luxury item and not a rare commodity but a time-proven form of everyday work and communication.

As part of the IT-Assistant service, we can access any of your workstations and servers (and, through them, any IT asset) from our office, via a securely encrypted connection. Consequently, we can start fixing the problem at the moment we learn about it.

Statistics show that we can resolve 80% of the problems while we are on the phone with our customer. Thus your users get the immediate support they need, without having to leave their workstations.

An on-site visit by our staff is more costly and takes more time; we resort to this solution in the case of a hardware malfunction only.

Our 24-hour online monitoring service also allows us to learn about – and respond to - any issues in your main applications and servers before they generate an error that you notice.

If necessary, our courier partners deliver the required parts to your premises, and our engineer or technician resolves the problem on site. © All rights reserved!
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