IT rental solutions


IT equipment can be bought from many sources. Besides buying it from us, you can rent it as well - for two, three, four or five years, with monthly or quarterly payment, and extremely flexible conditions. We assess your request and needs in just one day and offer suitable solutions.

The choice of brand is unlimited.

The rental solution can be used to optimize your taxation (because the rent can be fully deducted from the tax base of your business). It helps you remain liquid and financially independent, as well as protect your equity. Consequently, your creditworthiness with your account managing bank does not suffer. Rental also allows you to increase your operating investments, which in turns gives you a competitive advantage.

Last but not least, your budgeting improves as the low fees allow you to plan your expenses for a certain period.


Rental with upgrade option


Information technology and the needs for it change rapidly. Our “rental with upgrade” option allows you to change any of the rented assets in a simple manner; i.e. the assets can be replaced / upgraded during the rental term.

An example for long-term rental:

The total investment is HUF 1 million net. If, instead of buying the assets and paying their price in a single amount, you choose long-term rental, you immediately get the same assets for a net monthly fee of HUF 33,200. What’s more, the entire rent is deductible from the tax base of your business, so you save tax and don’t have to worry about depreciation.

(This example is for information puposes only; the actual offer depends on our customer’s specific needs and the lessor’s decisions.) © All rights reserved!
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